Effects of Nadi Dosha in Marriages

Horoscope matching involves checking 36 Gunas for compatibility between couples. Of these 36, 8 are Nadis; if this dosha exists in their horoscopes, this could result in poor health, poverty and problems within their marriage.

Astrology offers many solutions to this dilemma, and our experienced astrologers can suggest remedies that can help overcome it.

Married Life

Astrology plays an integral part in marriages. Before proceeding with the ceremony, it is vital to check each party’s horoscopes thoroughly for compatibility issues like Kundali matching and Nadi Doshas which could create issues in married life. Nadi Doshas are particularly serious problems which could negatively impact married life in terms of both partners.

Doshas occur when Moon falls into the same constellation in both natal charts of two individuals, making their Kundalis mismatched and increasing the chances of financial strain and even resulting in death of one or both partners. To avoid this Dosha it’s essential that both boy and girl’s Kundalis match properly as its presence has serious repercussions for marriage; failing to do so could prove fatal for either party involved.

Doshas also affect the health of both partners, compromising both physical and mental wellbeing in an intimate relationship. Couples may suffer infertility issues as a result; furthermore, this could affect their children, leading them to either being born with mental or physical disabilities, or even die during gestation.

Furthermore, their marital life will likely become cold and loveless; they will frequently argue and quarrel. This can create divisions within their marriage that eventually lead to divorce proceedings. To prevent this outcome from taking place, couples should donate food, cow milk and money regularly to Brahmins in need.


Astrologers consider Nadi Dosha an integral factor when matching horoscopes for marriage. If this element exists, marriage should not take place as it can lead to numerous issues including lack of affection, health issues and even infertility.

Nadi doshas arise when both man’s and woman’s moons belong to the same type, known as Nadi. Adi Nadi is the most prevalent form of this dosha and occurs when moons fall within Bharani, Rohini, Ashlesha Magha Poorvaphalguni Chitra or Anuradha Nadis. Madhya Nadi occurs when moons belong within Bhadrapada Mrigashira Revati or Dhanishta Nadis while Antya Nadi appears when moons land within Krittika Rohini Ashlesha Vishakha Dhanishta or Uttarabhadrapada Nadis.

Astrological solutions for this dosha include conducting a Nadi Puja and giving food and gold donations to Brahmins. Reciting Maha Mrityunjaya mantra may also help. In addition, try giving an equivalent number of cow or Swarna Nadis and food equal to your weight as birthday presents to relieve any extra strain caused by it on your horoscope.


Nadi Dosha can be a serious health threat to both partners. It may lead to physical ailments that eventually result in one partner’s death; or infertility for female partners who give birth; miscarriage for them as well as health-related problems for the husband and wife, their offspring as well as health-related issues for all involved – health-related problems will plague both adults as well as their offspring alike, leaving neither enjoying an abundance of blessings while others experience constant loss in life.

Astrology indicates that Eka Nadi, or single Nadi, can cause strains between spouses. Its devastating impact may even result in separation or divorce as it leads to no love, affection, or understanding between partners and leads them towards never getting along well together.

To avoid this issue, the ideal approach for Kundli Matchmaking is matching the Nadis of both partners during match making. When doing this, if both partners have different Nadis then their compatibility score increases by 8 points while having similar Nadis will earn them zero points, known as Nadi Dosha in astrology. Donating food to Brahmins or poor people may help alleviate its effects – however to maintain strong marriages it is wiser not engaging in argumentative or fighting behavior with one another during Kundli Matchmaking! Additionally avoiding aggressive or argumentative behavior will strengthen both marriages over time!


Nadi Dosha can have devastating repercussions for couples. One major implication may be infertility; another could be financial issues. Therefore, it’s crucial that couples check for this Dosha when matching horoscopes.

Couples affected by this dosha might experience more than infertility – they could struggle to get along, with arguments over ego clashes and dishonesty occurring within their marriage, health problems occurring as a result, accidents occurring suddenly, sudden deaths occurring suddenly, mental or physical disorders being passed on from parent to offspring, etc.

Nadi Dosha occurs when the Moon in both men and women differ in terms of birth constellation and nakshatras, earning this factor maximum points in 36 gun point system. When one or both have identical Nadis in their Kundali matching process, it is considered a major mismatch and should be rectified using Nadi Nivaran Pooja; donate gold, clothes or grains as donations in such instances or feed cows while chanting Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra; this may reduce it and help eradicate it altogether! To do this effectively eliminate the effect of Nadi Dosha completely!